SK - Slovakia
SK - Slovakia

Slovakia is divided into 8 Regions called "Krajov" in slovak language. Each Region is divided into Districts called " Okresov". Currently there are 79 Districts. Each District is identified by a three-letter-code. The Capital City Bratislava has 5 Districts numbered from 1 to 5. Kosice City also is divided into 4 Districts, plus Kosice Land (Kosice-Okolie). Slovakia has call-areas, but older licenses did not follow the call-area system. OM3 are ubiquitary. The call-area 9 does not exist. Not all QSL cards show the District code. Of course Wikipedia can help you to find the District if the QTH is not the main town.

EUCC-SK-BAA Bratislava 1 OM1 504 EURA-214
EUCC-SK-BAB Bratislava 2 OM1 504 EURA-214
EUCC-SK-BAC Bratislava 3 OM1 504 EURA-214
EUCC-SK-BAD Bratislava 4 OM1 504 EURA-214
EUCC-SK-BAE Bratislava 5 OM1 504 EURA-214
EUCC-SK-BAN Banovce nad Bebravou OM4 504 EURA-214
EUCC-SK-BAR Bardejov OM0 504 EURA-216
EUCC-SK-BBY Banska Bystrica OM7 504 EURA-215
EUCC-SK-BRE Brezno OM7 504 EURA-215
EUCC-SK-BST Banska Stiavnica OM7 504 EURA-215
EUCC-SK-BYT Bytca OM6 504 EURA-215
EUCC-SK-CAD Cadca OM6 504 EURA-215
EUCC-SK-DET Detva OM7 504 EURA-215
EUCC-SK-DKU Dolny Kubin OM6 504 EURA-215
EUCC-SK-DST Dunajska Streda OM2 504 EURA-214
EUCC-SK-GAL Galanta OM2 504 EURA-214
EUCC-SK-GEL Gelnica OM8 504 EURA-216
EUCC-SK-HLO Hlohovec OM2 504 EURA-214
EUCC-SK-HUM Humenne OM0 504 EURA-216
EUCC-SK-ILA Ilava OM4 504 EURA-214
EUCC-SK-KEA Kosice 1 OM8 504 EURA-216
EUCC-SK-KEB Kosice 2 OM8 504 EURA-216
EUCC-SK-KEC Kosice 3 OM8 504 EURA-216
EUCC-SK-KED Kosice 4 OM8 504 EURA-216
EUCC-SK-KEO Kosice-Okolie OM8 504 EURA-216
EUCC-SK-KEZ Kezmarok OM0 504 EURA-216
EUCC-SK-KNM Kysucke Nove Mesto OM6 504 EURA-215
EUCC-SK-KOM Komarno OM5 504 EURA-214
EUCC-SK-KRU Krupina OM7 504 EURA-215
EUCC-SK-LEV Levoca OM0 504 EURA-216
EUCC-SK-LMI Liptovsky Mikulas OM6 504 EURA-215
EUCC-SK-LUC Lucenec OM7 504 EURA-215
EUCC-SK-LVC Levice OM5 504 EURA-214
EUCC-SK-MAL Malacky OM1 504 EURA-214
EUCC-SK-MAR Martin OM6 504 EURA-215
EUCC-SK-MED Medzilaborce OM0 504 EURA-216
EUCC-SK-MIC Michalovce OM8 504 EURA-216
EUCC-SK-MYJ Myjava OM4 504 EURA-214
EUCC-SK-NAM Namestovo OM6 504 EURA-215
EUCC-SK-NIT Nitra OM5 504 EURA-214
EUCC-SK-NMV Nove Mesto nad Vahom OM4 504 EURA-214
EUCC-SK-NZA Nove Zamky OM5 504 EURA-214
EUCC-SK-PAR Partizanske OM4 504 EURA-214
EUCC-SK-PBY Povazska Bystrica OM4 504 EURA-214
EUCC-SK-PEZ Pezinok OM1 504 EURA-214
EUCC-SK-PIE Piestany OM2 504 EURA-214
EUCC-SK-POL Poltar OM7 504 EURA-215
EUCC-SK-POP Poprad OM0 504 EURA-216
EUCC-SK-PRE Presov OM0 504 EURA-216
EUCC-SK-PRI Prievidza OM4 504 EURA-214
EUCC-SK-PUC Puchov OM4 504 EURA-214
EUCC-SK-REV Revuca OM7 504 EURA-215
EUCC-SK-ROZ Roznava OM8 504 EURA-216
EUCC-SK-RSO Rimavska Sobota OM7 504 EURA-215
EUCC-SK-RUZ Ruzomberok OM6 504 EURA-215
EUCC-SK-SAB Sabinov OM0 504 EURA-216
EUCC-SK-SAL Sala OM5 504 EURA-214
EUCC-SK-SEA Senica OM2 504 EURA-214
EUCC-SK-SEN Senec OM1 504 EURA-214
EUCC-SK-SKA Skalica OM2 504 EURA-214
EUCC-SK-SLU Stara Lubonvna OM0 504 EURA-216
EUCC-SK-SNI Snina OM0 504 EURA-216
EUCC-SK-SNV Spisska Nova Ves OM8 504 EURA-216
EUCC-SK-SOB Sobrance OM8 504 EURA-216
EUCC-SK-STR Stropkov OM0 504 EURA-216
EUCC-SK-SVI Svidnik OM0 504 EURA-216
EUCC-SK-TNC Trencin OM4 504 EURA-214
EUCC-SK-TOP Topolcany OM5 504 EURA-214
EUCC-SK-TRE Trebisov OM8 504 EURA-216
EUCC-SK-TRN Trnava OM2 504 EURA-214
EUCC-SK-TTE Turcianske Teplice OM6 504 EURA-215
EUCC-SK-TVR Tvrdosin OM6 504 EURA-215
EUCC-SK-VKR Velky Krtis OM7 504 EURA-215
EUCC-SK-VRT Vranov nad Toplou OM0 504 EURA-216
EUCC-SK-ZAR Zarnovica OM7 504 EURA-215
EUCC-SK-ZIH Ziar nad Hronom OM7 504 EURA-215
EUCC-SK-ZIL Zilina OM6 504 EURA-215
EUCC-SK-ZMO Zlate Moravce OM5 504 EURA-214
EUCC-SK-ZVO Zvolen OM7 504 EURA-215


This eQSL shows Zilina as QTH.


The District is Zilina and the code is SK-ZIL