RO - Romania
RO - Romania

Romania is divided into 41 Counties or Districts  (Judete in Romanian) plus the Capital City Bucharest, for a total of 42 entities. The map shows the call areas in different colours and the Counties with their Names and 2-letter codes. Of course you can use Wikipedia to detect the County.

EUCC-RO-AB District of Alba YO5 275 EURA-232
EUCC-RO-AG District of Arges YO7 275 EURA-234
EUCC-RO-AR District of Arad YO2 275 EURA-229
EUCC-RO-BU City of Bucuresti YO3 275 EURA-230
EUCC-RO-BC District of Bacau YO8 275 EURA-235
EUCC-RO-BH District of Bihor YO5 275 EURA-232
EUCC-RO-BN District of Bistrita-Nasaud YO5 275 EURA-232
EUCC-RO-BR District of Braila YO4 275 EURA-231
EUCC-RO-BT District of Botosani YO8 275 EURA-235
EUCC-RO-BV District of Brasov YO6 275 EURA-233
EUCC-RO-BZ District of Buzau YO9 275 EURA-236
EUCC-RO-CJ District of Cluj YO5 275 EURA-232
EUCC-RO-CL District of Calarasi YO9 275 EURA-236
EUCC-RO-CS District of Caras-Severin YO2 275 EURA-229
EUCC-RO-CT District of Constanta YO4 275 EURA-231
EUCC-RO-CV District of Covasna YO6 275 EURA-233
EUCC-RO-DB District of Dambovita YO9 275 EURA-236
EUCC-RO-DJ District of Dolj YO7 275 EURA-234
EUCC-RO-GJ District of Gorj YO7 275 EURA-234
EUCC-RO-GL District of Galati YO4 275 EURA-231
EUCC-RO-GR District of Giurgiu YO9 275 EURA-236
EUCC-RO-HD District of Hunedoara YO2 275 EURA-229
EUCC-RO-HR District of Harghita YO6 275 EURA-233
EUCC-RO-IF District of Ilfov YO3 275 EURA-230
EUCC-RO-IL District of Ialomita YO9 275 EURA-236
EUCC-RO-IS District of Iasi YO8 275 EURA-235
EUCC-RO-MH District of Mehedinti YO7 275 EURA-234
EUCC-RO-MM District of Maramures YO5 275 EURA-232
EUCC-RO-MS District of Mures YO6 275 EURA-233
EUCC-RO-NT District of Neamt YO8 275 EURA-235
EUCC-RO-OT District of Olt YO7 275 EURA-234
EUCC-RO-PH District of Prahova YO9 275 EURA-236
EUCC-RO-SB District of Sibiu YO6 275 EURA-233
EUCC-RO-SJ District of Salaj YO5 275 EURA-232
EUCC-RO-SM District of Satu Mare YO5 275 EURA-232
EUCC-RO-SV District of Suceava YO8 275 EURA-235
EUCC-RO-TL District of Tulcea YO4 275 EURA-231
EUCC-RO-TM District of Timis YO2 275 EURA-229
EUCC-RO-TR District of Teleorman YO9 275 EURA-236
EUCC-RO-VL District of Valcea YO7 275 EURA-234
EUCC-RO-VN District of Vrancea YO4 275 EURA-231
EUCC-RO-VS District of Vaslui YO8 275 EURA-235

This eQSL shows the QTH: Caransebes.

Put this info into the search engine of Wikipedia and you will find this:

The County is Caras Severin and the code is RO-CS