PT - Portugal
PT - Portugal

Portugal is divided into 18 Districts, called "Distritos" in portuguese language, plus 4 other entities in the Autonomous Regions of Azores and Madeira for a total of 22 Entities.

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EUCC-PT-AE Aut. Region of Azores Islands, East Group (EU-003) CU1-2 149 EURA-111
EUCC-PT-AC Aut. Region of Azores Islands, Central Group (EU-175) CU3-4-5-6-7 149 EURA-111
EUCC-PT-AW Aut. Region of Azores Islands, West Group (EU-089) CU8-9 149 EURA-111
EUCC-PT-AV Disctrict of Aveiro CT 272 EURA-106
EUCC-PT-BG Disctrict of Braganša CT 272 EURA-105
EUCC-PT-BJ Disctrict of Beja CT 272 EURA-108
EUCC-PT-BR Disctrict of Braga CT 272 EURA-105
EUCC-PT-CB Disctrict of Castelo Branco CT 272 EURA-106
EUCC-PT-CO Disctrict of Coimbra CT 272 EURA-106
EUCC-PT-EV Disctrict of Evora CT 272 EURA-108
EUCC-PT-FR Disctrict of Faro CT 272 EURA-109
EUCC-PT-GD Disctrict of Guarda CT 272 EURA-106
EUCC-PT-LE Disctrict of Leiria CT 272 EURA-107
EUCC-PT-LX Disctrict of Lisboa CT 272 EURA-107
EUCC-PT-MD Autonomous Region of Madeira CT3 256 EURA-110
EUCC-PT-PG Disctrict of Portalegre CT 272 EURA-108
EUCC-PT-PT Disctrict of Porto CT 272 EURA-105
EUCC-PT-SR Disctrict of Santarem CT 272 EURA-107
EUCC-PT-ST Disctrict of Setubal CT 272 EURA-108
EUCC-PT-VC Disctrict of Viana do Castelo CT 272 EURA-105
EUCC-PT-VR Disctrict of Vila Real CT 272 EURA-105
EUCC-PT-VS Disctrict of Viseu CT 272 EURA-106


This eQSL shows the QTH: Barreiro.

Put this info into the search engine of Wikipedia and you will find this:

The District is Setubal, code PT-ST