PL - Poland
PL - Poland

Poland is divided into 16 Provinces (Wojewodztwa), each of them is divided into many  Districts, called in polish language Powiaty. The total of these subdivisions is 379. Usually the QSL cards report the Province (1-letter code) and the District (2-letters code). Sometimes they merge the codes getting a 3-letters code (e.g. R for Masovia and WM for Warsaw City give RMW or R-MW).

These are the 1-letter codes: zone 1: Z = Zachodnio-Pomorskie (West Pomerania); zone 2: F = Pomorskie (Pomerania) and P = Kujawsko-Pomorskie (Cuyavia-Pomerania); zone 3: B = Lubuskie and W = Wielkopolskie (Greater Poland); zone 4: J = Warminsko-Mazurskie (Warmia-Masuria) and O = Podlaskie; zone 5: R = Mazowieckie (Masovia); zone 6: D = Dolnoslaskie (Lower Silesia) and U = Opolske (Opole); zone 7: C = Lodzkie (Lodz) and S = Swietokrzyskie (Saint-Cross); zone 8: L = Lubelskie (Lublin) and K = Podkarpackie (Subcarpathia); zone 9: G = Slaskie (Silesia) and M = Malopolskie (Lesser Poland).  

But of course maybe the QTH is the only info on the QSL card. In this case the only help is Wikipedia.

EUCC-PL-AB District of Walbrzych SP6 269 EURA-201
EUCC-PL-AC District of Sochaczew SP5 269 EURA-199
EUCC-PL-AG District of Starogard SP2 269 EURA-192
EUCC-PL-AK District of Aleksandrow Kujawski SP2 269 EURA-198
EUCC-PL-AL City of Kalisz   SP3 269 EURA-197
EUCC-PL-AN District of Sandomierz SP7 269 EURA-204
EUCC-PL-AP District of Krapkowice SP6 269 EURA-202
EUCC-PL-AQ District of Lask SP7 269 EURA-200
EUCC-PL-AS District of Sokolka SP4 269 EURA-194
EUCC-PL-AU District of Augustow SP4 269 EURA-194
EUCC-PL-AW District of Braniewo SP4 269 EURA-193
EUCC-PL-BA District of Bialystok SP4 269 EURA-194
EUCC-PL-BB District of Bielsko Biala SP9 269 EURA-203
EUCC-PL-BC District of Brodnica SP2 269 EURA-198
EUCC-PL-BE District of Boleslawiec SP6 269 EURA-201
EUCC-PL-BF District of Bialobrzegi SP5 269 EURA-199
EUCC-PL-BG District of Bialogard SP1 269 EURA-191
EUCC-PL-BH City of Bielsko Biala   SP9 269 EURA-203
EUCC-PL-BI District of Bilgoraj SP8 269 EURA-195
EUCC-PL-BJ District of Belchatow SP7 269 EURA-200
EUCC-PL-BL District of Bielsk SP4 269 EURA-194
EUCC-PL-BM City of Bydgoszcz SP2 269 EURA-198
EUCC-PL-BN District of Bedzin SP9 269 EURA-203
EUCC-PL-BO District of Bochnia SP9 269 EURA-205
EUCC-PL-BP District of Biala Podlaska SP8 269 EURA-195
EUCC-PL-BQ District of Brzeg SP4 269 EURA-194
EUCC-PL-BR District of Brzozow SP8 269 EURA-206
EUCC-PL-BS City of Bialystok   SP4 269 EURA-194
EUCC-PL-BT District of Bartoszyce SP4 269 EURA-193
EUCC-PL-BU District of Busko-Zdroj SP7 269 EURA-204
EUCC-PL-BW District of Brzeziny SP7 269 EURA-200
EUCC-PL-BY District of Bydgoszcz SP2 269 EURA-198
EUCC-PL-BZ District of Brzesko SP9 269 EURA-205
EUCC-PL-CE District of Police SP1 269 EURA-191
EUCC-PL-CH District of Chelm SP8 269 EURA-195
EUCC-PL-CI District of Ciechanow SP5 269 EURA-199
EUCC-PL-CJ District of Chojnice SP2 269 EURA-192
EUCC-PL-CL District of Chelmno SP2 269 EURA-198
EUCC-PL-CM City of Chelm   SP8 269 EURA-195
EUCC-PL-CN District of Chrzanow SP9 269 EURA-205
EUCC-PL-CO District of Chodziez SP3 269 EURA-197
EUCC-PL-CR District of Czarnkow and Trzcianka SP3 269 EURA-197
EUCC-PL-CS District of Choszczno SP1 269 EURA-191
EUCC-PL-CT City of Czestochowa   SP9 269 EURA-203
EUCC-PL-CU District of Czluchow SP2 269 EURA-192
EUCC-PL-CW City of Chorzow   SP9 269 EURA-203
EUCC-PL-CY District of Cieszynski SP9 269 EURA-203
EUCC-PL-CZ District of Czestochowa SP9 269 EURA-203
EUCC-PL-DA District of Dzialdowo SP4 269 EURA-193
EUCC-PL-DD District of Poddebice SP7 269 EURA-200
EUCC-PL-DE District of Debica SP8 269 EURA-206
EUCC-PL-DG City of Dabrowa Gornicza   SP9 269 EURA-203
EUCC-PL-DL District of Siedlce SP5 269 EURA-199
EUCC-PL-DP District of Drawsko Pomorskie SP1 269 EURA-191
EUCC-PL-DT District of Dabrowa Tarnowska SP9 269 EURA-205
EUCC-PL-DY City of Gdynia SP2 269 EURA-192
EUCC-PL-DZ District of Dzierzoniow SP6 269 EURA-201
EUCC-PL-EA City of Elblag SP4 269 EURA-193
EUCC-PL-EB District of Lebork SP2 269 EURA-192
EUCC-PL-EC District of Leczna SP7 269 EURA-200
EUCC-PL-ED City of Siedlce   SP5 269 EURA-199
EUCC-PL-EG City of Legnica   SP6 269 EURA-201
EUCC-PL-EK District of Elk SP4 269 EURA-193
EUCC-PL-EL District of Elblag SP4 269 EURA-193
EUCC-PL-EM City of Siemianowice Slaskie SP9 269 EURA-203
EUCC-PL-EN District of Zwolen SP5 269 EURA-199
EUCC-PL-ER District of Sierpc SP5 269 EURA-199
EUCC-PL-ET City of Swietochlowice   SP9 269 EURA-203
EUCC-PL-EY District of Kedzierzyn-Kozle SP6 269 EURA-202
EUCC-PL-EZ District of Ketrzyn SP4 269 EURA-193
EUCC-PL-GA District of Grajewo SP4 269 EURA-194
EUCC-PL-GB District of Gostyn SP3 269 EURA-197
EUCC-PL-GC District of Gliwice SP9 269 EURA-203
EUCC-PL-GD City of Gdansk SP2 269 EURA-192
EUCC-PL-GE City of Gliwice   SP9 269 EURA-203
EUCC-PL-GF District of Gryfice SP1 269 EURA-191
EUCC-PL-GG District of Glogow SP6 269 EURA-201
EUCC-PL-GH District of Goldap SP4 269 EURA-193
EUCC-PL-GI District of Garwolin SP5 269 EURA-199
EUCC-PL-GJ District of Grojec SP5 269 EURA-199
EUCC-PL-GK District of Gizycko SP4 269 EURA-193
EUCC-PL-GL District of Goleniow SP1 269 EURA-191
EUCC-PL-GM City of Grudziadz SP2 269 EURA-198
EUCC-PL-GN District of Gryfino SP1 269 EURA-191
EUCC-PL-GO District of Gorlice SP9 269 EURA-205
EUCC-PL-GP City of Gorzow Wielkopolski SP3 269 EURA-196
EUCC-PL-GQ District of Grodzisk Wielkopolski SP3 269 EURA-196
EUCC-PL-GR District of Grudziadz SP2 269 EURA-198
EUCC-PL-GS District of Grodzisk Mazowieski SP5 269 EURA-199
EUCC-PL-GT District of Gostynin SP5 269 EURA-199
EUCC-PL-GU District of Golub-Dobrzyn SP2 269 EURA-198
EUCC-PL-GV District of Zgierz SP7 269 EURA-200
EUCC-PL-GW District of Gorzow  SP3 269 EURA-196
EUCC-PL-GX District of Gora SP6 269 EURA-201
EUCC-PL-GY District of Glubczyce SP6 269 EURA-202
EUCC-PL-GZ District of Gniezno SP3 269 EURA-197
EUCC-PL-HA District of Hajnowka SP4 269 EURA-194
EUCC-PL-HR District of Hrubieszow SP8 269 EURA-195
EUCC-PL-IA District of Sieradz SP7 269 EURA-200
EUCC-PL-IC City of Kielce   SP7 269 EURA-204
EUCC-PL-ID District of Swidnica SP6 269 EURA-201
EUCC-PL-IK City of Piekary Slaskie   SP9 269 EURA-203
EUCC-PL-IL District of Ilawa SP4 269 EURA-193
EUCC-PL-IM City of Biala Podlaska   SP8 269 EURA-195
EUCC-PL-IN District of Inowroclaw SP2 269 EURA-198
EUCC-PL-IR City of Skierniewice SP7 269 EURA-200
EUCC-PL-IT City of Piotrkow Trybunalski SP7 269 EURA-200
EUCC-PL-IW District of Skierniewice SP7 269 EURA-200
EUCC-PL-IY District of Kwidzyn SP2 269 EURA-192
EUCC-PL-IZ District of Lowicz SP7 269 EURA-200
EUCC-PL-JA District of Jaroslaw SP8 269 EURA-206
EUCC-PL-JC District of Jarocin SP3 269 EURA-197
EUCC-PL-JE District of Jedrzejow SP7 269 EURA-204
EUCC-PL-JG District of Jelenia Gora SP6 269 EURA-201
EUCC-PL-JL District of Janow Lubelski SP8 269 EURA-195
EUCC-PL-JM City of Jelenia Gora   SP6 269 EURA-201
EUCC-PL-JR District of Jawor SP6 269 EURA-201
EUCC-PL-JS District of Jaslo SP8 269 EURA-206
EUCC-PL-JW City of Jaworzno   SP9 269 EURA-203
EUCC-PL-JZ City of Jastrzebie-Zdroj SP9 269 EURA-203
EUCC-PL-KA District of Kalisz SP3 269 EURA-197
EUCC-PL-KB City of Katowice   SP9 269 EURA-203
EUCC-PL-KC City of Koszalin SP1 269 EURA-191
EUCC-PL-KD District of Krosno Odrzanskie SP3 269 EURA-196
EUCC-PL-KE District of Kozienice SP5 269 EURA-199
EUCC-PL-KF District of Kepno SP3 269 EURA-197
EUCC-PL-KG District of Kolobrzeg SP1 269 EURA-191
EUCC-PL-KH District of Kolo SP3 269 EURA-197
EUCC-PL-KI District of Kielce SP7 269 EURA-204
EUCC-PL-KJ City of Konin   SP3 269 EURA-197
EUCC-PL-KK District of Krasnik SP8 269 EURA-195
EUCC-PL-KL District of Kolno SP4 269 EURA-194
EUCC-PL-KM City of Krakow   SP9 269 EURA-205
EUCC-PL-KN City of Krosno   SP8 269 EURA-206
EUCC-PL-KO District of Kolbuszowa SP8 269 EURA-206
EUCC-PL-KP District of Kamien Pomorski SP1 269 EURA-191
EUCC-PL-KQ District of Kamienna Gora SP6 269 EURA-201
EUCC-PL-KR District of Krakow SP9 269 EURA-205
EUCC-PL-KS District of Krosno SP8 269 EURA-206
EUCC-PL-KT District of Krotoszyn SP3 269 EURA-197
EUCC-PL-KU District of Kutno SP7 269 EURA-200
EUCC-PL-KV District of Klodzko SP6 269 EURA-201
EUCC-PL-KW District of Kazimierza Wielka SP7 269 EURA-204
EUCC-PL-KX District of Klobuck SP9 269 EURA-203
EUCC-PL-KY District of Krasnystaw SP8 269 EURA-195
EUCC-PL-KZ District of Koszalin SP1 269 EURA-191
EUCC-PL-LA District of Slawno SP1 269 EURA-191
EUCC-PL-LB District of Lublin SP8 269 EURA-195
EUCC-PL-LC District of Leczna SP8 269 EURA-195
EUCC-PL-LD City of Lodz SP7 269 EURA-200
EUCC-PL-LE City of Leszno SP3 269 EURA-197
EUCC-PL-LF District of Lwowek Slaski SP6 269 EURA-201
EUCC-PL-LG District of Legnica SP6 269 EURA-201
EUCC-PL-LH District of Luban SP6 269 EURA-201
EUCC-PL-LI District of Limanowa SP9 269 EURA-205
EUCC-PL-LJ District of Lidzbark Warminski SP4 269 EURA-193
EUCC-PL-LK District of Lesko SP8 269 EURA-206
EUCC-PL-LL District of Lobez SP1 269 EURA-191
EUCC-PL-LM City of Lomza   SP4 269 EURA-194
EUCC-PL-LN District of Lancut SP8 269 EURA-206
EUCC-PL-LO District of Lomza SP4 269 EURA-194
EUCC-PL-LP District of Lipno SP2 269 EURA-198
EUCC-PL-LQ District of Lipsko SP5 269 EURA-199
EUCC-PL-LS District of Leszno SP3 269 EURA-197
EUCC-PL-LT District of Lubartow SP8 269 EURA-195
EUCC-PL-LU City of Lublin   SP8 269 EURA-195
EUCC-PL-LV District of Lubaczow SP8 269 EURA-206
EUCC-PL-LW District of Lukow SP8 269 EURA-195
EUCC-PL-LX District of Lubliniec SP9 269 EURA-203
EUCC-PL-LY District of Lodz Wschodni (East) SP7 269 EURA-200
EUCC-PL-LZ District of Lezajsk SP8 269 EURA-206
EUCC-PL-MA District of Mlawa SP5 269 EURA-199
EUCC-PL-MB District of Malbork SP2 269 EURA-192
EUCC-PL-MC District of Mielec SP8 269 EURA-206
EUCC-PL-ME District of Miechow SP9 269 EURA-205
EUCC-PL-MF City of Myslowice   SP9 269 EURA-203
EUCC-PL-MH District of Miedzychod SP3 269 EURA-197
EUCC-PL-MI District of Miedzyrzecz SP3 269 EURA-196
EUCC-PL-ML District of Milicz SP6 269 EURA-201
EUCC-PL-MM District of Makow SP5 269 EURA-199
EUCC-PL-MN District of Monki SP4 269 EURA-194
EUCC-PL-MO District of Mogilno SP2 269 EURA-198
EUCC-PL-MQ District of Myslenice SP9 269 EURA-205
EUCC-PL-MR District of Mragowo SP4 269 EURA-193
EUCC-PL-MS District of Myszkow SP9 269 EURA-203
EUCC-PL-MW District of Mikolow SP9 269 EURA-203
EUCC-PL-MY District of Mysliborz SP1 269 EURA-191
EUCC-PL-MZ District of Minsk Mazowiecki SP5 269 EURA-199
EUCC-PL-NA District of Naklo SP2 269 EURA-198
EUCC-PL-NC District of Nidzica SP4 269 EURA-193
EUCC-PL-ND District of Nowy Dwor Mazowiecki SP5 269 EURA-199
EUCC-PL-NF District of Nysa SP6 269 EURA-202
EUCC-PL-NG District of Zagan SP3 269 EURA-196
EUCC-PL-NI City of Sosnowiec SP9 269 EURA-203
EUCC-PL-NL District of Nowa Sol SP3 269 EURA-196
EUCC-PL-NM City of Nowy Sacz   SP9 269 EURA-205
EUCC-PL-NN District of Konin SP3 269 EURA-197
EUCC-PL-NO District of Nisko SP8 269 EURA-206
EUCC-PL-NQ District of Nowe Miasto Lubawskie SP4 269 EURA-193
EUCC-PL-NR District of Nowy Dwor Gdanski SP2 269 EURA-192
EUCC-PL-NS District of Nowy Sacz SP9 269 EURA-205
EUCC-PL-NT District of Nowy Targ SP9 269 EURA-205
EUCC-PL-NV District of Nowy Tomysl SP3 269 EURA-197
EUCC-PL-NW District of Legionowo SP5 269 EURA-199
EUCC-PL-NY District of Namyslow SP6 269 EURA-202
EUCC-PL-OA District of Olawa SP6 269 EURA-201
EUCC-PL-OB District of Opole Lubelskie SP8 269 EURA-195
EUCC-PL-OC District of Losice SP5 269 EURA-199
EUCC-PL-OD District of Ostrow Wielkopolski SP3 269 EURA-196
EUCC-PL-OE District of Olesnica SP6 269 EURA-201
EUCC-PL-OF District of Ostrzeszow SP3 269 EURA-197
EUCC-PL-OG City of Ostroleka   SP5 269 EURA-199
EUCC-PL-OH District of Opoczno SP7 269 EURA-200
EUCC-PL-OI District of Oborniki SP3 269 EURA-197
EUCC-PL-OJ City of Opole   SP6 269 EURA-202
EUCC-PL-OK District of Konskie SP7 269 EURA-204
EUCC-PL-OL District of Olsztyn SP4 269 EURA-193
EUCC-PL-OM District of Ostrow Mazowiezki SP5 269 EURA-199
EUCC-PL-ON District of Koscian SP3 269 EURA-197
EUCC-PL-OO District of Otwock SP5 269 EURA-199
EUCC-PL-OP District of Opole SP6 269 EURA-202
EUCC-PL-OQ District of Ostroda SP4 269 EURA-193
EUCC-PL-OR District of Ostroleka SP5 269 EURA-199
EUCC-PL-OS District of Ostrowiec Swietokrzynski SP7 269 EURA-204
EUCC-PL-OT District of Opatow SP7 269 EURA-204
EUCC-PL-OU City of Olsztyn   SP4 269 EURA-193
EUCC-PL-OV City of Sopot SP2 269 EURA-192
EUCC-PL-OW District of Oswiecim SP9 269 EURA-205
EUCC-PL-OX District of Olecko SP4 269 EURA-193
EUCC-PL-OY District of Olesno SP6 269 EURA-202
EUCC-PL-OZ District of Olkusz SP9 269 EURA-205
EUCC-PL-PA District of Piaseczno SP5 269 EURA-199
EUCC-PL-PB District of Pabianice SP7 269 EURA-200
EUCC-PL-PC District of Parczew SP8 269 EURA-195
EUCC-PL-PD City of Plock   SP5 269 EURA-199
EUCC-PL-PE District of Przeworsk SP8 269 EURA-206
EUCC-PL-PF District of Przasnysz SP5 269 EURA-199
EUCC-PL-PG District of Przysucha SP5 269 EURA-199
EUCC-PL-PH District of Pila SP3 269 EURA-197
EUCC-PL-PI District of Pinczow SP7 269 EURA-204
EUCC-PL-PJ District of Prudnik SP6 269 EURA-202
EUCC-PL-PK District of Puck SP2 269 EURA-192
EUCC-PL-PL District of Plock SP5 269 EURA-199
EUCC-PL-PM City of Przemysl   SP8 269 EURA-206
EUCC-PL-PN District of Plonsk SP5 269 EURA-199
EUCC-PL-PO District of Poznan SP3 269 EURA-197
EUCC-PL-PP District of Polkowice SP6 269 EURA-201
EUCC-PL-PQ District of Pisz SP4 269 EURA-193
EUCC-PL-PR District of Przemyski SP8 269 EURA-206
EUCC-PL-PS District of Proszowice SP9 269 EURA-205
EUCC-PL-PT District of Piotrkow Trybunalski SP7 269 EURA-200
EUCC-PL-PU District of Pulawy SP8 269 EURA-195
EUCC-PL-PV District of Pajeczno SP7 269 EURA-200
EUCC-PL-PW District of Pleszew SP3 269 EURA-197
EUCC-PL-PX City of Poznan   SP3 269 EURA-197
EUCC-PL-PY District of Pszczyna SP9 269 EURA-203
EUCC-PL-PZ District of Pruszkow SP5 269 EURA-199
EUCC-PL-RA District of Radom SP5 269 EURA-199
EUCC-PL-RB District of Rybnik SP9 269 EURA-203
EUCC-PL-RC District of Raciborz SP9 269 EURA-203
EUCC-PL-RD City of Radom   SP5 269 EURA-199
EUCC-PL-RE District of Radomsko SP7 269 EURA-200
EUCC-PL-RJ District of Radziejow SP2 269 EURA-198
EUCC-PL-RK District of Ryki SP8 269 EURA-195
EUCC-PL-RM City of Rzeszow   SP8 269 EURA-206
EUCC-PL-RN City of Rybnik   SP9 269 EURA-203
EUCC-PL-RO District of Ropczyce-Sedziszow SP8 269 EURA-206
EUCC-PL-RP District of Radzyn Podlaski SP8 269 EURA-195
EUCC-PL-RS City of Ruda Slaska   SP9 269 EURA-203
EUCC-PL-RU District of Kartuzy SP2 269 EURA-192
EUCC-PL-RW District of Rawicz SP3 269 EURA-197
EUCC-PL-RX District of Rawa SP7 269 EURA-200
EUCC-PL-RY District of Rypin SP2 269 EURA-198
EUCC-PL-RZ District of Rzeszow SP8 269 EURA-206
EUCC-PL-SA District of Sanok SP8 269 EURA-206
EUCC-PL-SB District of Sucha SP9 269 EURA-205
EUCC-PL-SC District of Slubice SP3 269 EURA-196
EUCC-PL-SD District of Swidnik SP8 269 EURA-195
EUCC-PL-SE District of Sejnenski SP4 269 EURA-194
EUCC-PL-SF City of Swinoujscie SP1 269 EURA-191
EUCC-PL-SG District of Stargard Szczecinski SP1 269 EURA-191
EUCC-PL-SH District of Starachowice SP7 269 EURA-204
EUCC-PL-SI District of Sroda Wielkopolska SP3 269 EURA-197
EUCC-PL-SJ District of Sepolno SP2 269 EURA-198
EUCC-PL-SK District of Strzelce-Drezdenko SP3 269 EURA-196
EUCC-PL-SL District of Slupsk SP2 269 EURA-192
EUCC-PL-SM District of Siemiatycze SP4 269 EURA-194
EUCC-PL-SN District of Sulecin SP3 269 EURA-196
EUCC-PL-SO District of Swiebodzin SP3 269 EURA-196
EUCC-PL-SP District of Slupca SP3 269 EURA-197
EUCC-PL-SQ District of Skarzysko-Kamienna SP7 269 EURA-204
EUCC-PL-SR District of Srem SP3 269 EURA-197
EUCC-PL-SS District of Sroda Slaska SP6 269 EURA-201
EUCC-PL-ST District of Stalowa Wola SP8 269 EURA-206
EUCC-PL-SU District of Suwalki SP4 269 EURA-194
EUCC-PL-SV District of Strzelin SP6 269 EURA-201
EUCC-PL-SW District of Swiecie SP2 269 EURA-198
EUCC-PL-SX District of Szamotuly SP3 269 EURA-197
EUCC-PL-SY District of Srtrzyzow SP8 269 EURA-206
EUCC-PL-SZ District of Szczecinek SP1 269 EURA-191
EUCC-PL-TA District of Tarnow SP9 269 EURA-205
EUCC-PL-TB District of Tarnobrzeg SP8 269 EURA-206
EUCC-PL-TC District of Tczew SP2 269 EURA-192
EUCC-PL-TE District of Strzelce Opolskie SP6 269 EURA-202
EUCC-PL-TG District of Tarnowskie Gory SP9 269 EURA-203
EUCC-PL-TH District of Bierun-Ledziny SP9 269 EURA-203
EUCC-PL-TK District of Turek SP3 269 EURA-197
EUCC-PL-TL District of Tomaszow Lubelski SP8 269 EURA-195
EUCC-PL-TM City of Torun SP2 269 EURA-198
EUCC-PL-TN City of Tarnobrzeg   SP8 269 EURA-206
EUCC-PL-TO District of Torun SP2 269 EURA-198
EUCC-PL-TR District of Trzebnica SP6 269 EURA-201
EUCC-PL-TS District of Staszow SP7 269 EURA-204
EUCC-PL-TU District of Tuchola SP2 269 EURA-198
EUCC-PL-TW City of Tarnow   SP9 269 EURA-205
EUCC-PL-TY City of Tychy   SP9 269 EURA-203
EUCC-PL-TZ District of Tomaszow Mazowiecki SP7 269 EURA-200
EUCC-PL-UC District of Kluczbork SP6 269 EURA-202
EUCC-PL-UD District of Bieszczady (ex Ustrzyki D.) SP8 269 EURA-206
EUCC-PL-UG District of Gdansk SP2 269 EURA-192
EUCC-PL-UK City of Slupsk SP2 269 EURA-192
EUCC-PL-UL District of Zdunska Wola SP7 269 EURA-200
EUCC-PL-UM District of Sztum SP2 269 EURA-192
EUCC-PL-UN District of Lubin SP6 269 EURA-201
EUCC-PL-UP District of Sokolow SP5 269 EURA-199
EUCC-PL-US District of Wieruszow SP7 269 EURA-200
EUCC-PL-UT District of Pultusk SP5 269 EURA-199
EUCC-PL-UW City of Suwalki   SP4 269 EURA-194
EUCC-PL-WA District of Wadowice SP9 269 EURA-205
EUCC-PL-WC District of Walcz SP1 269 EURA-191
EUCC-PL-WD District of Wlodawa SP8 269 EURA-195
EUCC-PL-WE District of Wegrow SP5 269 EURA-199
EUCC-PL-WF District of Wrzesnia SP3 269 EURA-197
EUCC-PL-WG District of Wegorzewo SP4 269 EURA-193
EUCC-PL-WH District of Wagrowiec SP3 269 EURA-197
EUCC-PL-WI District of Wieliczka SP9 269 EURA-205
EUCC-PL-WJ District of Wejherowo SP2 269 EURA-192
EUCC-PL-WK City of Wloclawek SP2 269 EURA-198
EUCC-PL-WL District of Wloclawek SP2 269 EURA-198
EUCC-PL-WM City of Warszawa   SP5 269 EURA-199
EUCC-PL-WN District of Swidwin SP1 269 EURA-191
EUCC-PL-WO District of Wabrzezno SP2 269 EURA-198
EUCC-PL-WP District of Wschowa SP3 269 EURA-196
EUCC-PL-WQ District of Wolow SP6 269 EURA-201
EUCC-PL-WR District of Wroclaw SP6 269 EURA-201
EUCC-PL-WS District of Wloszczowa SP7 269 EURA-204
EUCC-PL-WT District of Wolsztyn SP3 269 EURA-197
EUCC-PL-WU District of Wielun SP7 269 EURA-200
EUCC-PL-WV District of Wodzislaw Slaski SP9 269 EURA-203
EUCC-PL-WW City of Wroclaw   SP6 269 EURA-201
EUCC-PL-WX District of Wolomin SP5 269 EURA-199
EUCC-PL-WY District of Wysokie Mazowieckie SP4 269 EURA-194
EUCC-PL-WZ District of Warszaw Zachodni (West) SP5 269 EURA-199
EUCC-PL-YA District of Koscierzyna SP2 269 EURA-192
EUCC-PL-YD District of Szydlowiec SP5 269 EURA-199
EUCC-PL-YN District of Szczytno SP4 269 EURA-193
EUCC-PL-YR District of Pyrzyce SP1 269 EURA-191
EUCC-PL-YS District of Wyszkowski SP5 269 EURA-199
EUCC-PL-YT City of Bytom   SP9 269 EURA-203
EUCC-PL-YW District of Bytow SP2 269 EURA-192
EUCC-PL-ZA District of Zamosc SP8 269 EURA-195
EUCC-PL-ZB District of Zambrow SP4 269 EURA-194
EUCC-PL-ZC District of Zywiec SP9 269 EURA-203
EUCC-PL-ZE City of Szczecin SP1 269 EURA-191
EUCC-PL-ZF District of Zlotow SP3 269 EURA-197
EUCC-PL-ZG District of Zielona Gora SP3 269 EURA-196
EUCC-PL-ZL City of Zielona Gora SP3 269 EURA-196
EUCC-PL-ZM City of Zamosc   SP8 269 EURA-195
EUCC-PL-ZN District of Znin SP2 269 EURA-198
EUCC-PL-ZO District of Zgorzelec SP6 269 EURA-201
EUCC-PL-ZP District of Tatra SP9 269 EURA-205
EUCC-PL-ZQ District of Zyrardow SP5 269 EURA-199
EUCC-PL-ZR City of Zory   SP9 269 EURA-203
EUCC-PL-ZS District of Zabkowice Slaskie SP6 269 EURA-201
EUCC-PL-ZT District of Zlotoryja SP6 269 EURA-201
EUCC-PL-ZV District of Zuromin SP5 269 EURA-199
EUCC-PL-ZW District of Zawiercie SP9 269 EURA-203
EUCC-PL-ZX City of Zabrze   SP9 269 EURA-203
EUCC-PL-ZY District of Zary SP3 269 EURA-196

This eQSL shows the QTH: Lwowek Slaski.

Put this data in the search engine of Wikipedia and the result will be:

The District is actually Lwowek Slaski, and the code is PL-LF