NL - Netherlands
NL - Netherlands

Netherlands are divided into 12 Provinces: Overseas possessions, whenever having own governements and authonomy, are part of the Kingdom. They are: Aruba, Bonaire, Curaçao, Sint Maarten, Saba and St. Eustatius. Total is 18 entities. To identify the correct entity you can use Wikipedia.

EUCC-NL-DR Province of Drenthe PA 263 EURA-051
EUCC-NL-FL Province of Flevoland PA 263 EURA-052
EUCC-NL-FR Province of Friesland PA 263 EURA-051
EUCC-NL-GD Province of Gelderland PA 263 EURA-052
EUCC-NL-GR Province of Groningen PA 263 EURA-051
EUCC-NL-LB Province of Limburg PA 263 EURA-053
EUCC-NL-NB Province of Noord Brabant PA 263 EURA-053
EUCC-NL-NH Province of Noord Holland PA 263 EURA-052
EUCC-NL-OV Province of Overijssell PA 263 EURA-052
EUCC-NL-UT Province of Utrecht PA 263 EURA-052
EUCC-NL-ZH Province of Zuid Holland PA 263 EURA-052
EUCC-NL-ZL Province of Zeeland PA 263 EURA-053
EUCC-NL-AW Aruba Island P4 91 EURA-055
EUCC-NL-BQ Bonaire Island PJ4 520 EURA-055
EUCC-NL-CW Curaçao Island PJ2 517 EURA-055
EUCC-NL-SX Sint Maarten Island PJ7 518 EURA-054
EUCC-NL-SB Saba Island PJ6 519 EURA-054
EUCC-NL-SE Sint Eustatius Island PJ5 519 EURA-054


This eQSL shows the QTH: Zeewolde.

Put this info into the search engine of Wikipedia and you will find this:

The province is Flevoland, code NL-FL