MT - Malta
MT - Malta

The Maltese Archipelago has two inhabited islands: Malta and Gozo. Comino (Kemmuna) has only 4 inhabitants. The Prefix shows the QTH: 9H1 is Malta Island and 9H4 is Gozo Island.

Expeditions to Comino Island use 9H8 prefix and count as Gozo for our purposes.

Expeditions to Filfla Island and to other small islands and reefs count as Malta Island for our purposes.

Foreign operators use always 9H3 prefix so in this case you have to look at the QTH. Gozo's municipalities are: Fontana, Ghajnsielem, Gharb, Ghasri, Kercem, Munxar, Nadur, Qala, Rabat, San Lawrenz, Sannat, Xaghra, Xewkija and Zebbug. Other municipalities belong to Malta Island.

EUCC-MT-MA Islands of Malta and Filfla 9H1 257 EURA-227
EUCC-MT-GO Islands of Gozo and Comino 9H4/8 257 EURA-227


This eQSL shows the QTH: Xewkija in Gozo Island.

The County of course is Gozo, code MT-GO