LV - Latvia
LV - Latvia
EUCC-LV-AI Aizkraukle District YL 145 EURA-184
EUCC-LV-AL Aluksne District YL 145 EURA-186
EUCC-LV-BV Balvi District YL 145 EURA-186
EUCC-LV-BK Bauska District YL 145 EURA-184
EUCC-LV-CE Cesis District YL 145 EURA-186
EUCC-LV-DA Daugavpils District YL 145 EURA-186
EUCC-LV-DO Dobele District YL 145 EURA-184
EUCC-LV-GU Gulbene District YL 145 EURA-186
EUCC-LV-JE Jekabpils District YL 145 EURA-184
EUCC-LV-JG Jelgava District YL 145 EURA-184
EUCC-LV-KR Kraslava District YL 145 EURA-186
EUCC-LV-KU Kuldiga District YL 145 EURA-185
EUCC-LV-LP Liepaja District YL 145 EURA-185
EUCC-LV-LI Limbazi District YL 145 EURA-184
EUCC-LV-LU Ludza District YL 145 EURA-186
EUCC-LV-MA Madona District YL 145 EURA-186
EUCC-LV-OG Ogre District YL 145 EURA-184
EUCC-LV-PR Preili District YL 145 EURA-186
EUCC-LV-RZ Rezekne District YL 145 EURA-186
EUCC-LV-RI Riga District YL 145 EURA-184
EUCC-LV-SA Saldus District YL 145 EURA-185
EUCC-LV-TA Talsi District YL 145 EURA-185
EUCC-LV-TU Tukums District YL 145 EURA-184
EUCC-LV-VK Valka District YL 145 EURA-186
EUCC-LV-VM Valmiera District YL 145 EURA-186
EUCC-LV-VE Ventspils District YL 145 EURA-185

Latvia is now divided in 110 Municipalities and 9 Cities called "Novadi" and "Pilsetas" in latvian language. Before the 2009 Latvia was divided into Cities and Districts. Of course 119 entities are too many for our purposes. So we will use the old subdivisions, grouping the Cities with their territory. The City of Jurmala is considered part of Riga District. In the following table there are the info about new and old entities relations. The map contains also the first two figures of the Postal Code to help to identify the entity. In any other case you can use Wikipedia. Total entities are 26.

Here is the grouping table:

Municipality District Municipality District
Adazi municipality Riga District Limbazi municipality Limbazi District
Aglona municipality Preili District Livani municipality Preili District
Aizkraukle municipality Aizkraukle District Lubana municipality Madona District
Aizpute municipality Liepaja District Ludza municipality Ludza District
Akniste municipality Jekabpils District Madona municipality Madona District
Aloja municipality Limbazi District Malpils municipality Riga District
Alsunga municipality Kuldiga District Marupe municipality Riga District
Aluksne municipality Aluksne District Mazsalaca municipality Valmiera District
Amata municipality Cesis District Mersraga municipality Talsi District
Ape municipality Aluksne District Naukseni municipality Valmiera District
Auce municipality Dobele District Nereta municipality Aizkraukle District
Babite municipality Riga District Nica municipality Liepaja District
Baldone municipality Riga District Ogre municipality Ogre District
Baltinava municipality Balvi District Olaine municipality Riga District
Balvi municipality Balvi District Ozolnieki municipality Jelgava District
Bauska municipality Bauska District Pargauja municipality Cesis District
Beverina municipality Valmiera District Pavilosta municipality Liepaja District
Broceni municipality Saldus District Plavinas municipality Aizkraukle District
Burtnieki municipality Valmiera District Preili municipality Preili District
Carnikava municipality Riga District Priekule municipality Cesis District
Cesis municipality Cesis District Rauna municipality Cesis District
Cesvaine municipality Madona District Rezekne City Rezekne District
Cibla municipality Ludza District Rezekne municipality Rezekne District
Dagda municipality Kraslava District Riebini municipality Preili District
Daugavpils City Daugavpils District Riga City Riga District
Daugavpils municipality Daugavpils District Roja municipality Talsi District
Dobele municipality Dobele District Rucava municipality Liepaja District
Dundaga municipality Talsi District Rugaji municipality Balvi District
Durbe municipality Liepaja District Rujiena municipality Valmiera District
Engure municipality Tukums District Sala municipality Jekabpils District
Ergli municipality Madona District Salacgriva municipality Limbazi District
Garkalne municipality Riga District Salaspils municipality Riga District
Grobiņa municipality Liepaja District Saldus municipality Saldus District
Gulbene municipality Gulbene District Saulkrasti municipality Riga District
Ikšķile municipality Ogre District Seja municipality Riga District
Ilukste municipality Daugavpils District Sigulda municipality Riga District
Inčukalns municipality Riga District Skriveri municipality Ogre District
Jaunjelgava municipality Aizkraukle District Skrunda municipality Kuldiga District
Jaunpiebalga municipality Cesis District Smiltene municipality Valka District
Jaunpils municipality Tukums District Stopini municipality Riga District
Jekabpils City Jekabpils District Strenči municipality Valka District
Jekabpils municipality Jekabpils District Talsi municipality Talsi District
Jelgava City Jelgava District Tervete municipality Dobele District
Jelgava municipality Jelgava District Tukums municipality Tukums District
Jurmala City Riga District Vainode municipality Liepaja District
Kandava municipality Tukums District Valka municipality Valka District
Karsava municipality Ludza District Valmiera City Valmiera District
Kegums municipality Ogre District Varakļani municipality Madona District
Kekava municipality Riga District Varkava municipality Preili District
Koceni municipality Valmiera District Vecpiebalga municipality Cesis District
Koknese municipality Aizkraukle District Vecumnieki municipality Bauska District
Kraslava municipality Kraslava District Ventspils City Ventspils District
Krimulda municipality Limbazi District Ventspils municipality Ventspils District
Krustpils municipality Jekabpils District Viesite municipality Jekabpils District
Kuldiga municipality Kuldiga District Vilaka municipality Balvi District
Lielvarde municipality Ogre District Vilani municipality Rezekne District
Liepaja City Liepaja District Zilupe municipality Ludza District
Ligatne municipality Cesis District    

This eQSL shows the QTH: Liepaja, and the Postal Code: 3401

The District is Liepaja, code LV-LP