IE - Ireland
IE - Ireland

Ireland is divided in 4 traditional Regions. Each Region is divided into Counties for a total of 30 Counties. The map shows the Regions and the Counties. Usually the QSL cards of italian OM's show the County, otherwise you can look at Wikipedia as usual. Recently the old County of Dublin has been divided into 4 new Counties, and the County of Tipperary has been splitted into North Tipperary and South Tipperary, so in case of these Counties better to have a look on Wikipedia.

EUCC-IE-D City of Dublin / Baile Atha Cliath EI 245 EURA-158
EUCC-IE-DR County of Dun Laoghaire-Rathdown / Dhun Laoghaire-Rath an Duin EI 245 EURA-158
EUCC-IE-FL County of Fingal / Fhine Gall EI 245 EURA-158
EUCC-IE-SN County of South Dublin / Atha Cliath Theas EI 245 EURA-158
EUCC-IE-C County of Cork / Corcaigh EI 245 EURA-159
EUCC-IE-CE County of Clare / An Clar EI 245 EURA-159
EUCC-IE-CN County of Cavan / An Cabhan EI 245 EURA-156
EUCC-IE-CW County of Carlow / Ceatharlac EI 245 EURA-158
EUCC-IE-DL County of Donegal / Dun Na nGall EI 245 EURA-156
EUCC-IE-G County of Galway / Gaillimh EI 245 EURA-157
EUCC-IE-KE County of Kildare / Cill Dara EI 245 EURA-158
EUCC-IE-KK County of Kilkenny / Cill Cheannaigh EI 245 EURA-158
EUCC-IE-KY County of Kerry / Ciarrai EI 245 EURA-159
EUCC-IE-LD County of Longford / An Longfort EI 245 EURA-158
EUCC-IE-LH County of Louth / An Lu EI 245 EURA-158
EUCC-IE-LK County of Limerick / Luimneach EI 245 EURA-159
EUCC-IE-LM County of Leitrim / Liatroim EI 245 EURA-160
EUCC-IE-LS County of Laois EI 245 EURA-161
EUCC-IE-MH County of Meath / An Mhi EI 245 EURA-162
EUCC-IE-MN County of Monaghan / Muineachan EI 245 EURA-163
EUCC-IE-MO County of Mayo / Maigh Eo EI 245 EURA-164
EUCC-IE-OY County of Offaly / Uibh Fhailli EI 245 EURA-165
EUCC-IE-RN County of Roscommon / Ros Comain EI 245 EURA-166
EUCC-IE-SO County of Sligo / Sligeach EI 245 EURA-167
EUCC-IE-TN County of North Tipperary / Tiobraid Arann EI 245 EURA-168
EUCC-IE-TS County of South Tipperary / Tiobraid Arann EI 245 EURA-169
EUCC-IE-WD County of Waterford / Port Lairge EI 245 EURA-171
EUCC-IE-WH County of Westmeath / An Iar-Mhi EI 245 EURA-172
EUCC-IE-WW County of Wicklow / Cill Mhantain EI 245 EURA-173
EUCC-IE-WX County of Wexford / Loch Garman EI 245 EURA-174

This eQSL shows "Dublin" as County. The QTH is Kinsealy.

Put this info into the search engine of Wikipedia and you will find that Kinsealy is now part of new County of Fingal.

The code is IE-FL