HU - Hungary
HU - Hungary

Hungary is divided into 19 Counties, called "Megyék" in hungarian language, plus the Capital City Budapest for a total of 20 Entities. They are grouped into call-areas as shown in the map.

To detect the County you can use Wikipedia.

EUCC-HU-BA County of Baranya HA3 239 EURA-220
EUCC-HU-BE County of Bekes HA8 239 EURA-221
EUCC-HU-BN County of Bacs-Kiskun HA8 239 EURA-221
EUCC-HU-BO County of Borsod-Abauj-Zemplen HA9 239 EURA-223
EUCC-HU-BP City of Budapest HA5 239 EURA-219
EUCC-HU-CS County of Csongrad HA8 239 EURA-221
EUCC-HU-FE County of Fejer HA4 239 EURA-218
EUCC-HU-GY County of Gyor-Moson-Sopron HA1 239 EURA-217
EUCC-HU-HA County of Hajdu-Bihar HA0 239 EURA-223
EUCC-HU-HE County of Heves HA6 239 EURA-222
EUCC-HU-KO County of Komarom-Esztergom HA2 239 EURA-218
EUCC-HU-NG County of Nograd HA6 239 EURA-222
EUCC-HU-PE County of Pest HA7 239 EURA-222
EUCC-HU-SA County of Szabolcs-Szatmar-Bereg HA0 239 EURA-223
EUCC-HU-SO County of Somogy HA3 239 EURA-220
EUCC-HU-SZ County of Jasz-Nagykun-Szolnok HA7 239 EURA-222
EUCC-HU-TO County of Tolna HA3 239 EURA-220
EUCC-HU-VA County of Vas HA1 239 EURA-217
EUCC-HU-VE County of Veszprem HA2 239 EURA-218
EUCC-HU-ZA County of Zala HA1 239 EURA-217


This eQSL shows the QTH: Lajosmizse.

Put this info into the search engine of Wikipedia and you will find this:

The County is Bacs-Kiskun, code HU-BN