GB - Great Britain and Northern Ireland
GB - Great Britain and Northern Ireland: Scotland

EUCC-GB-AGB Council of Argyll and Bute GM 279 EURA-144
EUCC-GB-ABE Council of Aberdeen City GM 279 EURA-144
EUCC-GB-ANS Council of Angus GM 279 EURA-144
EUCC-GB-ABD Council of Aberdeenshire GM 279 EURA-144
EUCC-GB-CLK Council of Clackmannanshire GM 279 EURA-145
EUCC-GB-DND Council of Dundee City GM 279 EURA-144
EUCC-GB-DGY Council of Dumfries and Galloway GM 279 EURA-146
EUCC-GB-EAY Council of East Ayrshire GM 279 EURA-145
EUCC-GB-EDH Council of City of Edinburgh GM 279 EURA-145
EUCC-GB-EDU Council of East Dunbartonshire GM 279 EURA-145
EUCC-GB-ELN Council of East Lothian GM 279 EURA-145
EUCC-GB-ERW Council of East Renfrewshire GM 279 EURA-145
EUCC-GB-ELS Council of Na h-Eileanan Siar GM 279 EURA-143
EUCC-GB-FIF Council of Fife GM 279 EURA-145
EUCC-GB-FAL Council of Falkirk GM 279 EURA-145
EUCC-GB-GLW Council of Glasgow City GM 279 EURA-145
EUCC-GB-HLD Council of Highland GM 279 EURA-144
EUCC-GB-IVC Council of Inverclyde GM 279 EURA-145
EUCC-GB-MLN Council of Midlothian GM 279 EURA-145
EUCC-GB-MRY Council of Moray GM 279 EURA-144
EUCC-GB-NAY Council of North Ayrshire GM 279 EURA-145
EUCC-GB-NLK Council of North Lanarkshire GM 279 EURA-145
EUCC-GB-ORK Council of Orkney Islands GM 279 EURA-143
EUCC-GB-PKN Council of Perth and Kinross GM 279 EURA-144
EUCC-GB-RFW Council of Renfrewshire GM 279 EURA-145
EUCC-GB-SAY Council of South Ayrshire GM 279 EURA-145
EUCC-GB-SCB Council of Scottish Borders GM 279 EURA-146
EUCC-GB-ZET Council of Shetland Islands GM 279 EURA-143
EUCC-GB-SLK Council of South Lanarkshire GM 279 EURA-145
EUCC-GB-STG Council of Stirling GM 279 EURA-144
EUCC-GB-WDU Council of West Dunbartonshire GM 279 EURA-145
EUCC-GB-WLN Council of West Lothian GM 279 EURA-145

Scotland is divided into 32 Council Areas.

To detect the Council Area, just have a look at your QSL card or eQSL card:

The QTH shown is Kirkcaldy. Put this info into Wikipedia ad you will get that:

The Council Area is Fife, and the code will be EUCC-GB-FIF.