FI - Finland
FI - Finland
Finland is divided in 19 Counties called Maakunta in finnish. They are grouped in 6 Regional State Administrative Agencies. The old Counties have been abolished.

Also the call-areas in some cases does not respect the old borders. Anyway today the division in call-areas lost their original meaning because many callsigns does not have any relation with a particular area or region. The Aland Islands are an exception. OH0 is always given to Aland Islands operators.

The best way to know which is the Maakunta is as usual Wikipedia

EUCC-FI-AX Region of Aland Islands, Ahvenanmaa OH0 5 EURA-130
EUCC-FI-EK Region of South Karelia, Etela-Karjala OH5 224 EURA-125
EUCC-FI-EP Region of Southern Ostrobothnia, Etela-Pohjanmaa OH6 224 EURA-124
EUCC-FI-ES Region of Southern Savonia, Etela-Savo OH4 224 EURA-126
EUCC-FI-KH Region of Kanta-Hame, Kanta-Hame OH3 224 EURA-127
EUCC-FI-KP Region of Central Ostrobothnia, Keski-Pohjanmaa OH6 224 EURA-124
EUCC-FI-KS Region of Central Finland, Keski-Suomi OH6 224 EURA-124
EUCC-FI-KU Region of Kainuu, Kainuu OH8 224 EURA-122
EUCC-FI-KY Region of Kymenlaakso, Kymenlaakso OH5 224 EURA-125
EUCC-FI-LA Region of Finnish Lapland, Lappi OH9 224 EURA-121
EUCC-FI-PH Region of Paijanne Tavastia, Paijat-Hame OH3 224 EURA-126
EUCC-FI-PK Region of North Karelia, Pohjois-Karjala OH7 224 EURA-123
EUCC-FI-PM Region of Pirkanmaa, Pirkanmaa OH3 224 EURA-127
EUCC-FI-PO Region of Ostrobothnia, Pohjanmaa OH6 224 EURA-124
EUCC-FI-PP Region of Northern Ostrobothnia, Pohjois-Pohjanmaa OH8 224 EURA-122
EUCC-FI-PS Region of Northern Savonia, Pohjois-Savo OH7 224 EURA-123
EUCC-FI-SA Region of Satakunta, Satakunta OH1 224 EURA-129
EUCC-FI-UU Region of Uusimaa, Uusimaa OH2 224 EURA-128
EUCC-FI-VS Region of Southwest Finland, Varsinais-Suomi OH1 224 EURA-129

This eQSL shows the QTH: Jyväskylä.

Put this info into the search engine of Wikipedia and you will find this:

The Maakunta is Central Finland (Keski-Suomi), code FI-KS