EE - Estonia
EE - Estonia
Estonia is divided in 15 Counties called "Maakond" in estonian language plus the Capital City of Tallinn for a total of 16 entities. To identify this entity you can use Wikipedia.
EUCC-EE-TN City of Tallinn ES1 52 EURA-182
EUCC-EE-HA County of Harju ES2 52 EURA-182
EUCC-EE-HI County of Hiiu ES0 52 EURA-181
EUCC-EE-IV County of Ida-Viru ES4 52 EURA-182
EUCC-EE-JO County of Jogeva ES5 52 EURA-183
EUCC-EE-JA County of Jarva ES3 52 EURA-182
EUCC-EE-LA County of Laane ES3 52 EURA-182
EUCC-EE-LV County of Laane-Viru ES4 52 EURA-182
EUCC-EE-PO County of Polva ES6 52 EURA-183
EUCC-EE-PA County of Parnu ES8 52 EURA-183
EUCC-EE-RA County of Rapla ES3 52 EURA-182
EUCC-EE-SA County of Saare ES0 52 EURA-181
EUCC-EE-TA County of Tartu ES5 52 EURA-183
EUCC-EE-VA County of Valga ES6 52 EURA-183
EUCC-EE-VI County of Viljandi ES7 52 EURA-183
EUCC-EE-VO County of Voru ES6 52 EURA-183


This eQSL shows the QTH: Jarvakandi.

Put this info into the search engine of Wikipedia and you will find this:

The County is Rapla, code EE-RA