CZ - Czech Republic
CZ - Czech Republic

Since 2000 Chech Republic is divided into 13 Regions called "Kraje" and 1 Capital City or "Hlavni Mesto" in czech language. Each Region is divided into Districts called "Okresy". The total of these Districts is 86.The Regions have been changed in the time and today some Districts belong to other Regions. We will use the old system according with the rules of the Czech Awards and Contest. So the old Regions were just 8: Prague City (A), Central Bohemia (B), South Bohemia (C), West Bohemia (D), North Bohemia (E), East Bohemia (F), South Moravia (G) and North Moravia (H). The Capital City Prague is also divided now into 22 Districts. For same reason for our purposes we will use the old 10 Districts of Prague. In this way the Districts 4th contains also the 11th and 12th; the 5th contains the 13th, the 16th and the 17th; and so on. The table contains all info about.

Each District is identified by a three-letter-code. The first figure is representing the Region and the other two figures are the code of the District. As example HOL means Olomouc (H= North Moravia, OL=Olomouc).

Even if the Regions are now more, and some Districts changed Region, their number is always the same: 86, and their codes did not change. So as example the District of Semily, code FSE, is now part of Liberec Region, that comes from the splitting of North Bohemia Region (E) into two new Regions, Usti Nad Labem Region and Liberec Region , but Semily's code still mantains "F" as first letter instead of "E".

By the way the new Regions names are: Prague (A), Central Bohemia (B districts), South Bohemia (C dictricts except CPE), Karlovy Vary (Districts DCH, DSO, DKV), Plzen (other D districts), Liberec (districts ECL, ELI, EIA and FSE), Usti Nad Labem (other E districts), Hradec Kralove (dictricts FTR, FJI, FHK, FNA and FRK), Pardubice (districts FPA, FCR, FUO and FSV), Vysocina (districts CPE, FHB, GJI, GTR and GZS), South Moravia (districts GBM, GBV, GBL, GVY, GZN, GBR and GHO), Zlin (districts GUH, GKR, GZL, HVS), Olomouc (districts GPR, HOL, HPR, HSU and HJE), Moravia-Silesia (districts HOS, HOP, HKA, HBR, HNJ and HFM).

EUCC-CZ-APA Praha 01 OK-OL 503 EURA-207
EUCC-CZ-APB Praha 02 OK-OL 503 EURA-207
EUCC-CZ-APC Praha 03 OK-OL 503 EURA-207
EUCC-CZ-APD Praha 04, 11, 12 OK-OL 503 EURA-207
EUCC-CZ-APE Praha 05, 13, 16, 17 OK-OL 503 EURA-207
EUCC-CZ-APF Praha 06 OK-OL 503 EURA-207
EUCC-CZ-APG Praha 07 OK-OL 503 EURA-207
EUCC-CZ-APH Praha 08 OK-OL 503 EURA-207
EUCC-CZ-API Praha 09, 14, 18, 19, 20, 21 OK-OL 503 EURA-207
EUCC-CZ-APJ Praha 10, 15, 22 OK-OL 503 EURA-207
EUCC-CZ-BBE Beroun OK-OL 503 EURA-207
EUCC-CZ-BBN Benesov OK-OL 503 EURA-207
EUCC-CZ-BKD Kladno OK-OL 503 EURA-207
EUCC-CZ-BKH Kutna Hora OK-OL 503 EURA-207
EUCC-CZ-BKO Kolin OK-OL 503 EURA-207
EUCC-CZ-BMB Mlada Boleslav OK-OL 503 EURA-207
EUCC-CZ-BME Melnik OK-OL 503 EURA-207
EUCC-CZ-BNY Nymburk OK-OL 503 EURA-207
EUCC-CZ-BPB Pribram OK-OL 503 EURA-207
EUCC-CZ-BPV Praha-vychod (east) OK-OL 503 EURA-207
EUCC-CZ-BPZ Praha-zapad (west) OK-OL 503 EURA-207
EUCC-CZ-BRA Rakovnik OK-OL 503 EURA-207
EUCC-CZ-CBU Ceske Budejovice OK-OL 503 EURA-208
EUCC-CZ-CCK Cesky Krumlov OK-OL 503 EURA-208
EUCC-CZ-CJH Jindrichuv Hradec OK-OL 503 EURA-208
EUCC-CZ-CPE Pelhrimov OK-OL 503 EURA-208
EUCC-CZ-CPI Pisek OK-OL 503 EURA-208
EUCC-CZ-CPR Prachatice OK-OL 503 EURA-208
EUCC-CZ-CST Strakonice OK-OL 503 EURA-208
EUCC-CZ-CTA Tabor OK-OL 503 EURA-208
EUCC-CZ-DDE Domazlice OK-OL 503 EURA-209
EUCC-CZ-DKL Klatovy OK-OL 503 EURA-209
EUCC-CZ-DKV Karlovy Vary OK-OL 503 EURA-209
EUCC-CZ-DPJ Plzen-jih (south) OK-OL 503 EURA-209
EUCC-CZ-DPM Plzen-mesto (City) OK-OL 503 EURA-209
EUCC-CZ-DPS Plzen-sever (north) OK-OL 503 EURA-209
EUCC-CZ-DRO Rokycany OK-OL 503 EURA-209
EUCC-CZ-DSO Sokolov OK-OL 503 EURA-209
EUCC-CZ-DTA Tachov OK-OL 503 EURA-209
EUCC-CZ-ECH Chomutov OK-OL 503 EURA-210
EUCC-CZ-ECL Ceska Lipa OK-OL 503 EURA-210
EUCC-CZ-EDE Decin OK-OL 503 EURA-210
EUCC-CZ-EJA Jablonec nad Nisou OK-OL 503 EURA-210
EUCC-CZ-ELI Liberec OK-OL 503 EURA-210
EUCC-CZ-ELO Louny OK-OL 503 EURA-210
EUCC-CZ-ELT Litomerice OK-OL 503 EURA-210
EUCC-CZ-ETE Teplice OK-OL 503 EURA-210
EUCC-CZ-EUL Usti nad Labem OK-OL 503 EURA-210
EUCC-CZ-FCR Chrudim OK-OL 503 EURA-211
EUCC-CZ-FHB Havlickuv Brod OK-OL 503 EURA-211
EUCC-CZ-FHK Hradec Kralove OK-OL 503 EURA-211
EUCC-CZ-FJI Jicin OK-OL 503 EURA-211
EUCC-CZ-FNA Nachod OK-OL 503 EURA-211
EUCC-CZ-FPA Pardubice OK-OL 503 EURA-211
EUCC-CZ-FRK Rychnov nad Kneznou OK-OL 503 EURA-211
EUCC-CZ-FSE Semily OK-OL 503 EURA-211
EUCC-CZ-FSV Svitavy OK-OL 503 EURA-211
EUCC-CZ-FTR Trutnov OK-OL 503 EURA-211
EUCC-CZ-FUO Usti nad Orlici OK-OL 503 EURA-211
EUCC-CZ-GBL Blansko OK-OL 503 EURA-212
EUCC-CZ-GBM Brno-mesto (city) OK-OL 503 EURA-212
EUCC-CZ-GBR Breclav OK-OL 503 EURA-212
EUCC-CZ-GBV Brno-venkov (land) OK-OL 503 EURA-212
EUCC-CZ-GHO Hodonin OK-OL 503 EURA-212
EUCC-CZ-GJI Jihlava OK-OL 503 EURA-212
EUCC-CZ-GKR Kromeriz OK-OL 503 EURA-212
EUCC-CZ-GPR Prostejov OK-OL 503 EURA-212
EUCC-CZ-GTR Trebic OK-OL 503 EURA-212
EUCC-CZ-GUH Uherske Hradiste OK-OL 503 EURA-212
EUCC-CZ-GVY Vyskov OK-OL 503 EURA-212
EUCC-CZ-GZN Znojmo OK-OL 503 EURA-212
EUCC-CZ-GZS Zďar nad Sazavou OK-OL 503 EURA-212
EUCC-CZ-HBR Bruntal OK-OL 503 EURA-213
EUCC-CZ-HFM Frydek-Mistek OK-OL 503 EURA-213
EUCC-CZ-HJE Jesenik OK-OL 503 EURA-213
EUCC-CZ-HKA Karvina OK-OL 503 EURA-213
EUCC-CZ-HNJ Novy Jicin OK-OL 503 EURA-213
EUCC-CZ-HOL Olomouc OK-OL 503 EURA-213
EUCC-CZ-HOP Opava OK-OL 503 EURA-213
EUCC-CZ-HOS Ostrava-mesto OK-OL 503 EURA-213
EUCC-CZ-HPR Prerov OK-OL 503 EURA-213
EUCC-CZ-HSU Sumperk OK-OL 503 EURA-213
EUCC-CZ-HVS Vsetin OK-OL 503 EURA-213

This eQSL shows Kraslice as QTH. Also the info about the District is shown: DSO

Anyway if you put the QTH into the search engine of Wikipedia you will find this:

The District is Sokolov so the wanted code is CZ-DSO