BG - Bulgaria
BG - Bulgaria

Bulgaria is divided into 28 Counties (Oblasti). Each Region has a code with one or two letters. These letters are those in common with Latin and Cyrillic alphabets. The Capital City territory is splitted into two Regions: Sofia City and Sofia Land. Usually the prefixes of the southern Regions are LZ1, LZ3 and LZ5. The prefixes of the northern Regions are LZ2 and LZ4. The northern Regions are: Vidin, Montana, Vratsa, Pleven, Lovech, Veliko Tarnovo, Gabrovo, Ruse, Razgrad, Targovishte, Silistra, Dobrich, Shumen and Varna.

EUCC-BG-A Province of Burgas LZ1 212 EURA-239
EUCC-BG-B Province of Varna LZ2 212 EURA-242
EUCC-BG-BH Province of Vidin LZ2 212 EURA-240
EUCC-BG-BT Province of Veliko Tarnovo LZ2 212 EURA-241
EUCC-BG-BP Province of Vratsa LZ2 212 EURA-240
EUCC-BG-C Sofia City LZ1 212 EURA-237
EUCC-BG-CC Province of Silistra LZ2 212 EURA-242
EUCC-BG-CH Province of Sliven LZ1 212 EURA-239
EUCC-BG-CM Province of Smolyan LZ1 212 EURA-238
EUCC-BG-CO Province of Sofia (Land) LZ1 212 EURA-237
EUCC-BG-CT Province of Stara Zagora LZ1 212 EURA-238
EUCC-BG-E Province of Blagoevgrad LZ1 212 EURA-237
EUCC-BG-EB Province of Gabrovo LZ2 212 EURA-241
EUCC-BG-EH Province of Pleven LZ2 212 EURA-241
EUCC-BG-H Province of Shumen LZ2 212 EURA-242
EUCC-BG-K Province of Kardzhali LZ1 212 EURA-238
EUCC-BG-KH Province of Kyustendil LZ1 212 EURA-237
EUCC-BG-M Province of Montana LZ2 212 EURA-240
EUCC-BG-OB Province of Lovech LZ2 212 EURA-241
EUCC-BG-P Province of Ruse LZ2 212 EURA-242
EUCC-BG-PA Province of Pazardzhik LZ1 212 EURA-238
EUCC-BG-PB Province of Plovdiv LZ1 212 EURA-238
EUCC-BG-PK Province of Pernik LZ1 212 EURA-237
EUCC-BG-PP Province of Razgrad LZ2 212 EURA-242
EUCC-BG-T Province of Targovishte LZ2 212 EURA-242
EUCC-BG-TX Province of Dobrich LZ2 212 EURA-242
EUCC-BG-X Province of Haskovo LZ1 212 EURA-238
EUCC-BG-Y Province of Yambol LZ1 212 EURA-239

This eQSL shows Gorna Oryahovitza as QTH.

Put this info into the search engine of Wikipedia and you will find this:

The Province (Oblast) is Veliko Tarnovo, and the code is BG-BT