BE - Belgium
BE - Belgium

Belgium is divided into 3 Regions: Flemish Region, Walloon Region and Bruxelles-Capital Region. Each Region (except Bruxelles) is subdivided in 5 Provinces. Total is 11 entities, including Bruxelles City. To identify this entity you can use Wikipedia.

EUCC-BE-AN Province of Antwerpen ON 209 EURA-048
EUCC-BE-BR City of Bruxelles/Brussel ON 209 EURA-050
EUCC-BE-BW Province of Brabant Wallon ON 209 EURA-049
EUCC-BE-HT Province of Hainaut ON 209 EURA-049
EUCC-BE-LG Province of Liege ON 209 EURA-049
EUCC-BE-LM Province of Limburg ON 209 EURA-048
EUCC-BE-LU Province of Luxembourg ON 209 EURA-049
EUCC-BE-NM Province of Namur ON 209 EURA-049
EUCC-BE-OV Province of Oost Vlaanderen ON 209 EURA-048
EUCC-BE-VB Province of Vlaams Brabant ON 209 EURA-048
EUCC-BE-WV Province of West Vlaanderen ON 209 EURA-048


This eQSL shows the QTH: Quievrain.

Put this info into the search engine of Wikipedia and you will find this:

The province is Hainaut, code BE-HT