AT - Austria
AT - Austria
Austria is divided in 9 "Laender" (Federate States). Each Land is divided in "Bezirke" (Districts) and "Statutarstaedte" (Statutary Towns) for a total of 96 second level entities. To identify this entity you can use Wikipedia. In 2013 some changes has been done in Styria (OE6): the Subdistrict of Bad Aussee was abolished and now is part of the Subdistrict of Liezen (LI). Bruck an del Mur and Muerzzuschlag merged into Bruck-Muerzzuschlag (BM); Judenburg and Knittenfeld merged into Murtal (MT); Hartberg and Fuerstenfeld merged into Hartberg-Fuerstenfeld (HF); Feldbach and Radkesburg merged into Suedoststeiermark (SO).
EUCC-AT-W City of Wien OE1 206 EURA-160
EUCC-AT-HA District of Hallein OE2 206 EURA-161
EUCC-AT-JO District of Sankt Johann im Pongau OE2 206 EURA-161
EUCC-AT-S City of Salzburg OE2 206 EURA-161
EUCC-AT-SL District of Salzburg-Umgebung OE2 206 EURA-161
EUCC-AT-TA District of Tamsweg OE2 206 EURA-161
EUCC-AT-ZE District of Zell am See OE2 206 EURA-161
EUCC-AT-AM District of Amstetten OE3 206 EURA-162
EUCC-AT-BL District of Bruck an der Leitha OE3 206 EURA-162
EUCC-AT-BN District of Baden OE3 206 EURA-162
EUCC-AT-GD District of Gmuend OE3 206 EURA-162
EUCC-AT-GF District of Gaenserndorf OE3 206 EURA-162
EUCC-AT-HL District of Hollabrunn OE3 206 EURA-162
EUCC-AT-HO District of Horn OE3 206 EURA-162
EUCC-AT-KO District of Korneuburg OE3 206 EURA-162
EUCC-AT-KR District of Krems-Land OE3 206 EURA-162
EUCC-AT-KS City of Krems OE3 206 EURA-162
EUCC-AT-LF District of Lilienfeld OE3 206 EURA-162
EUCC-AT-MD District of Moedling OE3 206 EURA-162
EUCC-AT-ME District of Melk OE3 206 EURA-162
EUCC-AT-MI District of Mistelbach OE3 206 EURA-162
EUCC-AT-NK District of Neunkirchen OE3 206 EURA-162
EUCC-AT-P City of Sankt Poelten OE3 206 EURA-162
EUCC-AT-PL District of Sankt Poelten-Land OE3 206 EURA-162
EUCC-AT-SB District of Scheibbs OE3 206 EURA-162
EUCC-AT-TU District of Tulln OE3 206 EURA-162
EUCC-AT-WB District of Wiener Neustadt-Land OE3 206 EURA-162
EUCC-AT-WN City of Wiener Neustadt OE3 206 EURA-162
EUCC-AT-WT District of Waidhofen an der Thaya OE3 206 EURA-162
EUCC-AT-WU District of Wien-Umgebung OE3 206 EURA-162
EUCC-AT-WY City of Waidhofen an der Ybbs OE3 206 EURA-162
EUCC-AT-ZT District of Zwettl OE3 206 EURA-162
EUCC-AT-E City of Eisenstadt OE4 206 EURA-163
EUCC-AT-ER City of Rust OE4 206 EURA-163
EUCC-AT-EU District of Eisenstadt-Umgebung OE4 206 EURA-163
EUCC-AT-GS District of Guessing OE4 206 EURA-163
EUCC-AT-JE District of Jennersdorf OE4 206 EURA-163
EUCC-AT-MA District of Mattersburg OE4 206 EURA-163
EUCC-AT-ND District of Neusiedl am See OE4 206 EURA-163
EUCC-AT-OP District of Oberpullendorf OE4 206 EURA-163
EUCC-AT-OW District of Oberwart OE4 206 EURA-163
EUCC-AT-BR District of Braunau am Inn OE5 206 EURA-164
EUCC-AT-EF District of Eferding OE5 206 EURA-164
EUCC-AT-FR District of Freistadt OE5 206 EURA-164
EUCC-AT-GM District of Gmunden OE5 206 EURA-164
EUCC-AT-GR District of Grieskirchen OE5 206 EURA-164
EUCC-AT-KI District of Kirchdorf an der Krems OE5 206 EURA-164
EUCC-AT-L City of Linz OE5 206 EURA-164
EUCC-AT-LL District of Linz-Land OE5 206 EURA-164
EUCC-AT-PE District of Perg OE5 206 EURA-164
EUCC-AT-RI District of Ried im Innkreis OE5 206 EURA-164
EUCC-AT-RO District of Rohrbach OE5 206 EURA-164
EUCC-AT-SD District of Schaerding OE5 206 EURA-164
EUCC-AT-SE District of Steyr-Land OE5 206 EURA-164
EUCC-AT-SR City of Steyr OE5 206 EURA-164
EUCC-AT-UU District of Urfahr-Umgebung OE5 206 EURA-164
EUCC-AT-VB District of Voecklabruck OE5 206 EURA-164
EUCC-AT-WE City of Wels OE5 206 EURA-164
EUCC-AT-WL District of Wels-Land OE5 206 EURA-164
EUCC-AT-BM District of Bruck-Muerzzuschlag OE6 206 EURA-165
EUCC-AT-DL District of Deutschlandsberg OE6 206 EURA-165
EUCC-AT-G City of Graz OE6 206 EURA-165
EUCC-AT-GB Subdistrict of Groebming OE6 206 EURA-165
EUCC-AT-GU District of Graz-Umgebung OE6 206 EURA-165
EUCC-AT-HF District of Hartberg-Fuerstenfeld OE6 206 EURA-165
EUCC-AT-LB District of Leibnitz OE6 206 EURA-165
EUCC-AT-LE District of Leoben OE6 206 EURA-165
EUCC-AT-LI Subdistrict of Liezen OE6 206 EURA-165
EUCC-AT-MT District of Murtal OE6 206 EURA-165
EUCC-AT-MU District of Murau OE6 206 EURA-165
EUCC-AT-SO District of Suedoststeiermark OE6 206 EURA-165
EUCC-AT-VO District of Voitsberg OE6 206 EURA-165
EUCC-AT-WZ District of Weiz OE6 206 EURA-165
EUCC-AT-I City of Innsbruck OE7 206 EURA-166
EUCC-AT-IL District of Innsbruck-Land OE7 206 EURA-166
EUCC-AT-IM District of Imst OE7 206 EURA-166
EUCC-AT-KB District of Kitzbuehel OE7 206 EURA-166
EUCC-AT-KU District of Kufstein OE7 206 EURA-166
EUCC-AT-LA District of Landeck OE7 206 EURA-166
EUCC-AT-LZ District of Lienz OE7 206 EURA-166
EUCC-AT-RE District of Reutte OE7 206 EURA-166
EUCC-AT-SZ District of Schwaz OE7 206 EURA-166
EUCC-AT-FE District of Feldkirchen OE8 206 EURA-167
EUCC-AT-HE District of Hermagor OE8 206 EURA-167
EUCC-AT-K City of Klagenfurt OE8 206 EURA-167
EUCC-AT-KL District of Klagenfurt-Land OE8 206 EURA-167
EUCC-AT-SP District of Spittal an der Drau OE8 206 EURA-167
EUCC-AT-SV District of Sankt Veit an der Glan OE8 206 EURA-167
EUCC-AT-VI City of Villach OE8 206 EURA-167
EUCC-AT-VK District of Voelkermarkt OE8 206 EURA-167
EUCC-AT-VL District of Villach-Land OE8 206 EURA-167
EUCC-AT-WO District of Wolfsberg OE8 206 EURA-167
EUCC-AT-B District of Bregenz OE9 206 EURA-168
EUCC-AT-BZ District of Bludenz OE9 206 EURA-168
EUCC-AT-DO District of Dornbirn OE9 206 EURA-168
EUCC-AT-FK District of Feldkirch OE9 206 EURA-168

This eQSL shows the QTH: Laa a.d. Thaya.

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The district is Mistelbach, code AT-MI